Dynamic Corporate Travel Solutions

Featuring Dynamic Services

Traveler Services

Friendly , Efficient, Accurate Reservations

One stop shop for all travel needs

Live Receptionist

Toll Free 800 number

Toll Free after hours number

Live 24 hour service

Automated Seat Finder, searches till you check in

Auto Frequent Flier Miles applied

Lost Luggage Assistance

Standby Opportunities researched & reserved

Redirecting Travel for Delays/Cancellations

Automated Flight Notifications

Automated Itinerary Download to Calendar

Automated upgrade application

Automated passport& visa notification

Automated credit card expiration notification

Online Booking Tools

Online Dining, Shipping, Events, Conference

Online booking of limos and car park services

Electronic itinerary, invoice and receipts

Online access to all invoices

Online expense management

Research and booking of frequent flier miles

82% success rate in waiving hotel no shows

And so much more…

Proven 20% savings off National Average Ticket Price

Savings Guarantee

Negotiated corporate discounts automatically applied

up to 40% hotel savings off corporate rates

Direct access and booking of web fares

Electronic receipts and invoices

Broadcast email reports

Custom Vendor Negotiations obtaining the deepest discounts

Assessment and Management of airline soft benefit programs

Online reports 24/7/365

Ad hoc and custom reports delivered easily and quickly

Automated Credit card reconciliation

Custom GL Uploads/Expense Management systems

Online Unused Ticket Database

Online Exchange Look Up Reporting

Air credits captured through usage of MCO's and travel vouchers

Rewards Network corporate rebates through online booking tool

Credit Card Rebates and Incentives through analysis & assistance of credit card programs

Lowering of fee with online Booking Tool option

91% successful receipt of compensation on 3rd party concerns

…The Sky is the Limit
Travel Management

93% traveler/client satisfaction rating

Team Management, No Call Centers!

Personalized High Touch Service

Custom Travel Portal

Online Booking Tool - Rearden Commerce, Cliqbook, ResX

Online Dining, Shipping, Events, Conference

Online booking of limos & car park services

Faster and larger adoption rate for online booking

Custom Education & Training Seminars

Consolidation & Streamlining Expertise to maximize cost savings

Custom Authorizations

Travel Policy Development, Maintenance and Adherence

Group/Meeting Orchestration and Management

Web Registrations with download to database

Welcome & Educational Seminars

Custom Vendor Negotiations obtaining the deepest discounts

Online reports 24/7/365

Online Travel Locator

Online Arrival/Departure Manifests

Management of Soft Benefit Programs.

Maximizing returns on United PassPlus programs  

…Solutions Only!