Dynamic Corporate Travel Solutions

Savings Opportunities

Managing Soft Benefits

Most agencies have no problem managing your negotiated discounts; however, where most management companies seem to shrink into the background is with the soft benefit programs. With savings averaging $1100/ticket, some of these can be quite lucrative. We actually take these programs and streamline them directly into your travel program.

Cash You Didn't Even Know You Had!

It is one thing to have the program; it is a completely different thing to actually gain value from the program. We ensure that value it gained by utilizing upgrades, tickets, status upgrades for you (based upon your specified directives) and include the values in the reporting tools provided to you. A current client with a 2 million annual air travel expenditure realized $60,000 in soft benefit savings value in 2007 - is there cash in your pocket?

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Custom Negotiations

Lodging and car rental costs now match or exceed the cost of air expenditures making it just as essential to realize savings in this arena. Dynamic analyzes your data, benchmarks the information, negotiates deep discounts and returns savings to your bottom line.

Dynamic affects a 10%-20% savings provided through customized negotiations.

Dynamic affects a 20%-40% savings provided off corporate rates through our Hotel Consortium.

Results are realized by discount codes automatically applying to each and every reservation where they are applicable. This automated function, maximizes your savings ability and simplifies accountability and tracking.

How do your travel costs compare? Have a look at Business Travel News Online's corporate travel survey results for hotel, car rental and food costs across America and travel internationally.

If you're spending more than industry averages, call Dynamic now! We work closely with our industry partners to find deep discounts. Add more bang for your buck, today!