Dynamic Corporate Travel Solutions

Online Booking Tools

Do you want higher adoptions rates for online bookings, lower fees, and more streamlined processes while still getting the bells and whistles? You've come to the right place!

Dynamic differentiates ourselves on the use of the online booking tool by not making it an all or none option. You may conjoin this tool with the expertise of the agent. You may determine only a portion of tickets should be automatically ticketed and some routed and reviewed by agents. Our goal is to provide you with the absolute lowest value, all costs considered.

Because Dynamic provides a "beyond-the-box" approach to pricing, we want to ensure you have applied the lowest possible price to all tickets. Thus, should you determine, for example, for all tickets $500 or more you would like a final review done by an agent, we will route all online bookings to an agent for them to research each segment of the ticket for the lowest pricing option and apply it accordingly to your tickets.

This is a fully customizable solution. The best of both worlds provided with agent review of online tickets, giving you an "Online with a Lifeline" approach. Just provide us with the "if/then" statements and we will follow your directives accordingly.