Dynamic Corporate Travel Solutions

Expense Management

Quick, Easy, Cost Efficient and best of all… Paperless!

This is the automated ability for travelers and corporate directors alike to seamlessly manage the input, approval, reconciliation and budgeting of expenditures through web- based or software- based applications.

Traveler’s on-the-go input their expenses through mobile phones, texts, fax and scanners. Managers receive copies electronically, and can view, communicate, approve or disapprove expenses online. Accounting can process all reimbursable items and download data automatically into General Ledgers. … All without one piece of paper being exchanged. All electronically.

Dynamic has partnered with a multitude of organizations to provide the smooth streamlining of travel management. With expense management tools, Dynamic will;

  • Introduce you to these time and money saving tools.
  • Act as expert consultants to roll out expense management tools in conjunction with your travel programs.
  • Provide training seminars and overviews for your travelers as an integrated program to include your online booking tool, your custom corporate program, your expense management tool.

Our job is to link all the pieces for your travelers from travel reservation to final approval and expense reconciliation.

The top two expense management tools partnered with Dynamic are Certify and Concur.

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