Dynamic Corporate Travel Solutions

Assessment Reviews

Assessment reviews are conducted person to person typically on a monthly basis. Your account manager will meet with all pertinent travel decision makers in finance, travel managers, groups & meetings and often human resources. No matter how many years you are with Dynamic we will continuously and consistently:

  • Determine current issues
  • Respond to past needs
  • Review financials of your travel program
  • Ascertain the level of service satisfaction
  • Follow up on action items and reassess timelines
  • Establishing and Maintaining Vendor Relations

Monthly reports responding to the metrics of success that you have determined in the initial implementation will be reviewed, analyzed and a plan set in place if there is need for improvement.

Should the majority of your travelers reside onsite, your account manager will typically do what we lovingly refer to as a "walk about", visiting with travelers briefly to get feedback on experiences and enhancements.

In establishing rapport through the warm and fuzzy approach, our travel programs are a raging success.