Dynamic Corporate Travel Solutions

About the Partners

Rocksann A. Boardman

Senior Partner / Sales
Rocksann Boardman

Rocksann's role in Dynamic is that of sales, account management and consultation. With over 18 years within the travel and hospitality industry, and 14 of those spent specifically in consulting and sales on the travel side of things, she brings a tremendous amount of experience in streamlining travel procedures, savings opportunities and just plain good old corporate travel advice.

A bi-lingual Franco-American, happily married, mother of two; her time is spent off hours cultivating the little creatures in her home (sometimes that includes the big one too). In addition to quilting, reading and rollerblading, she also plays a mean game of cards or any game in general. That is. when she is not off gallivanting to countries unseen and untraveled. A world traveler herself having explored and adventured 39 countries to date, she not only knows the ins and outs of the travel industry, but actually relates to the dilemmas faced by travelers while on the road.

Kate McCarthy

Partner / Travel Consulting
Kate McCarthy

Kate, who is one of the most incredible and creative travel consultants you will ever work with, started her career with an education at Southern Academy of Fashion and Travel. She then continued her education at the University of Colorado for her accounting degree. (now you know why we have such a low average ticket price.) She travels all over the world and more often than not finds herself stuck at airports, in weather, and every other mishap a person can have, so she understands when one of her travelers gets stuck, lost, misplaced, or stranded. She is an absolute fanatic about travel and yet would have loved to have been a therapist in another life.

She has been consulting in travel since 1979 and hopes to do so for another 50 years. She started as a vacation agent and moved into corporate travel about 15 years ago. Her claim to fame is that she tries, and most of the time, succeeds to have a positive attitude in her business and personal life. She believes that having fun is a most important thing. A couple of odd facts are that she received a citizenship award in Dade County Florida when she was ten years old, and lived in a lighthouse on an island off the coast of Maine for 2 years when she was a kid.

Tracie Knuth

Partner / Operations Management
Tracie Ricketts

Travel was in Tracie's blood as her mother was also a travel agent. Her mother recommended the once glamorous travel consultant position to her 24 years ago. Once her formal travel training was completed at Mountain States Travel & Tour, she started in the rigorous after hours emergency service, dabbled in the leisure travel and found her footing in corporate travel for which she is at minimum, nationally renowned for the last 14 years. Technologically astute and savvy, Tracie functions as our Operations Manager and does the most fantastic job of resolving client service concerns with our vendors. She's definitely one you want to know!

She enjoys building a personal relationship with her clients. She feels this helps in making a strong foundation for a long lasting partnership. She's been told more than once that her way with words can make even the most trying reservation something to look forward to!

Super mom to three downright gorgeous girls & happily married, she lives on 120 acres with a current collection of: 3 dogs, 1 cat, 2 horses along with a multitude of wildlife.  How does she relax?... reading biographies, hunting out the perfect garage sale, fishing, camping, gardening, cooking and weekend BBQ's combined with a competitive game of Trivial Pursuit.